Biking Around Virginia Beach: Our five favorite local bike rides

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Biking Around Virginia Beach: Our five favorite local bike rides

The beach cruiser: the ultimate staple for any local.

With large tires, comfy seats and bells and baskets, these babies are the go-to form of transportation during the summertime in Virginia Beach.

When visiting our resort town, fill your free time with some of our favorite bike rides.

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First Landing State Park

This Virginia Beach gem is a park, beach, and campground rolled into one. Bikers and hikers have been cruising these trails for ages. From our townhouses, it’s closest to enter the park through the 64th Street entrance and hop on the Cape Henry Trail, located on your left as you enter through the gate. It’s a wide, well-worn sand road with sections that pass across marsh boardwalks. You’ll cycle through forests, cypress swamps and salt marsh. There are some nooks and crannies that zig-zag just steps away from the trail that are fun to tackle on a bike.

Want a more leisurely park stroll rather than a workout? Hop on the road that winds throughout the trails and park down by the boat ramp. Grab a Taste Unlimited sandwich and walk from your parking spot to Narrows Beach, a small beach with white sand and shallow waters. This beach is accessible through the Cape Henry Trail, too.


Virginia Beach Boardwalk

The Virginia Beach boardwalk claimed the title “America’s Best Beach Boardwalks” thanks to Travel + Leisure. If you want to bike around lively crowds, head down to the boardwalk! This fun path boasts the perfect mix of restaurants, shops and a palpable beach culture that seems to give you a certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi.” Beginning on 1st street, the boardwalk stretches three miles along the oceanfront and offers a separate bike path for cruisers so you don’t have to deal with meandering pedestrians.

Grommet Island Beach Park If you are biking with little ones we cannot say enough good things about the 15,000 square foot Grommet Island Beach Park at 1st street. The park features wheelchair accessible entrances and an incredible playground that will have the kiddos (and adults) entertained for hours!

Entertainment is offered nightly during the summer months and four oceanfront stages at 7th, 17th, and 24th and 31st Streets provide live musical acts. There’s a variety of outdoor bars and restaurants with Nautical sculptures adorning side streets. King Neptune, a twenty-four foot, twelve-ton bronze statue that stands at the gateway to Neptune Festival Park on 31st Street, is a giant must-see. Grab a drink or some appetizers at Catch 31 and walk across the boardwalk for some pictures with Mr. Neptune. This is perhaps one of the most popular photo opportunities in the resort area.

Cruise the North End

The real estate located on Virginia Beach’s North End is one to see. It’s fun to cruise along the beach road beginning on 40th street and goggle at the multi-million dollar homes on the oceanfront. The beach road is quiet without a lot of traffic and serves as one of our favorite roads to simply stroll down. Think of this as a leisurely bike ride full of beautiful scenery to appreciate. You’ll certainly feel like a local while journeying through this quaint road in Virginia Beach.


Biking to Dinner and Entertainment

One of our favorite activities to do in the summer? Biking to the 7th street stage, posting up at either Mahi Mah’s or Chix for some supper and watching live entertainment as the sun goes down.

You may be wondering: What are our favorite spots to bike for dinner? We love Mahi Mah’s, Chix, Rudee’s and Big Sams. You simply hop on the trolley lane on Atlantic Avenue or ride the boardwalk toward 1st street and you’ll find a plethora of dining spots to please any craving.

While you’re at it, stop at Waterman’s on 5th Street for an infamous Orange Crush!

Farmers Market  

Last but certainly not least, the local farmer’s markets. Just minutes from our townhouses lives the ViBe District. One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday is visiting the Old Beach Farmers Market on a bike. You can find fresh Old Beach Farmers Market 19th Streetfruits and vegetables, meats, local eggs and seafood of course. Every Saturday, they’re supporting family farms, watermen and Virginia wineries. Support local!